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What Are The Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth?

When is a root canal necessary?

A root canal may be necessary if the pulp (or nerve) of the tooth becomes infected. This can occur because of deep decay or some type of injury to the tooth. When the pulp becomes infected, it develops an abscess, or pus pocket, at the tip of the root. The abscess will begin to destroy the bone in this area. Once the tooth becomes abscessed, root canal treatment is needed in order to save the tooth. At Nash Family Dentistry, Dr. Kenneth Nash performs root canals in our Vicksburg, MS office. That is good news for our patients, because the closest endodontist is 50 miles away!

What Are the Symptoms of an Abscessed Tooth?

image of infected toothSymptoms of an abscessed tooth vary. Some patients feel no pain at all, while others have quite a bit of pain. An abscessed tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold, or to biting pressure. Some patients may notice a bad taste in their mouth or swelling around the tooth in question.

Does an Abscessed Tooth Always Need Root Canal Treatment?

Yes. Without root canal treatment, the abscess worsens and begins to destroy the bone surrounding the root tip. Even if you are not feeling any pain, you will need to have root canal treatment in order to save an abscessed tooth.

Cavities that are left untreated may cause the pulp to become infected and necessitate root canal treatment or extraction. Our goal at Nash Family Dentistry is to help our patients save their natural teeth whenever possible. However, there are some cases where an abscessed tooth cannot be saved and the tooth would have to be extracted. Dr. Nash will examine your tooth and have x-rays taken to determine if it can be saved with root canal treatment.

If you think you may have an infected tooth, do not delay seeking treatment for a root canal. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nash today. We offer same-day emergency dental appointments, and Dr. Nash can be reached after hours when needed.

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