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Dental Bridges

Are you missing teeth? Dr. Kenneth Nash places BruxZir® Solid Zirconia and e.max® dental bridges at his Vicksburg, MS, office that can restore your bite and fill the spaces in your smile. Dr. Nash will conduct a thorough exam and discuss your oral health to determine if a dental bridge is the best solution for your needs. He offers both traditional and implant-supported bridges.

With a dental bridge, you can enjoy confidence in your image, as well as a comfortable, functional, and complete smile.

The Dental Bridge

A dental bridge consists of one or more prosthetic teeth. Sometimes called a partial denture, a bridge is designed to replace a portion of an upper or lower dental arch. They can be supported either by adjacent dental crowns or a dental implant.

image of dental bridge
We offer BruxZir® Solid Zirconia and IPS e.max® bridges to ensure beautiful and durable results. 


If you are missing teeth due to extraction, trauma, or decay, the spaces left behind need to be filled for a variety of reasons. 

Teeth on either side of the gap will loosen over time, and could ultimately fall out. Research reveals that those who do not replace a single missing tooth are at increased risk for further tooth loss. Meanwhile, your remaining teeth could shift out of position, which can create difficulty with speech and pronunciation. If your lost teeth leave a space that shows when you speak and smile, you may suffer from reduced self-confidence, which can negatively affect your quality of life. 

In short, if you have lost a tooth, or require extraction, you owe it to yourself to explore how restorative options such as a dental bridge can protect the integrity of your smile.


At Nash Family Dentistry, Dr. Nash uses BruxZir® solid zirconia and e.max® to create dental bridges that look natural and function comfortably. BruxZir® Solid Zirconia is sintered, or heated, to make it strong, so it will resist chips and breaks better than porcelain. For patients who grind their teeth, strength contributes to a bridge’s longevity. After the bridge is heated, it is glazed to reduce the potential for plaque build-up.

e.max® is a ceramic appropriate for many dental applications, from veneers to large bridge units. The brand and type of material Dr. Nash prefers for your prosthetic will depend on your circumstances and needs. He’ll explain his recommendation before treatment begins.

For the procedure itself, Dr. Nash will prepare two healthy teeth on either side of the space left by lost teeth. These two natural teeth, known as abutment teeth, will secure the dental bridge. We will take an impression of your mouth and send it to the dental lab, where your custom bridge will be created. You’ll wear a temporary bridge until your next visit.

Once the final dental bridge is in our office, in about a week or two, you’ll need to return. Dr. Nash will remove your temporary and cement the permanent appliance into place, after checking the fit and your bite alignment (or occlusion). Before you leave, we will provide you with postoperative instructions that detail easy care and maintenance for your new prosthetic. In most cases, bridges last 10 years or more.  

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