Fall in Love with Your Smile Again with Teeth Whitening!

Are you tired of discolored teeth and feeling embarrassed to smile? If you’ve tried over-the-counter products or at-home remedies with no luck, it’s time to visit a cosmetic dentist by Jackson, MS! Professional teeth whitening may be just what you need to restore confidence in your smile. In many cases, your smile can be brightened up to four shades lighter in just one session!


Why Basic Products Don’t Work

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products may provide baseline results, but they won’t deliver the kind of natural white you desire for your smile. That’s because drugstore brands have only a minimal amount of peroxide gel and include other fillers to extend their shelf life. They won’t produce the results you want because they can’t! Overuse of these products can also harm your teeth as abrasive home remedies can. If you’re not seeing a difference in your smile with these options, don’t keep trying. Instead, schedule an appointment at our dental office by Jackson, MS.

The Power of Professional Whitening

Professional-grade teeth whitening provides faster and more reliable treatment, with significantly less tooth and gum sensitivity. In-office whitening generally consists of applying a thick coat of peroxide gel to the surface of the teeth. Then, a special light stimulates these whitening agents to target stains and discoloration deep within your tooth enamel.

We’ll supervise your whitening treatment to ensure your new smile is naturally white and complements your facial features and skin tone. In under an hour, your smile will be multiple shades brighter! You can also choose take-home options that produce similar results over several weeks.

Affording Your Teeth Whitening

Some of our patients are concerned about how much more professional whitening costs than over-the-counter products. While whitening in our office is more costly, know that you’re receiving more predictable and effective treatment, with beautiful results that last significantly longer.


Tired of Living with Discolored Teeth?

Get the smile of your dreams fast with professional teeth whitening from our cosmetic dentists, Drs. Kenneth and Jonathan Nash! Schedule your consultation at our office by Jackson, MS today. It often only takes one appointment for us to achieve the smile each of our patient’s desire!

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Guide To A Better Smile

Cosmetic dentistry has seen the birth of many advances including the ability to enhance a patient’s smile. There are quite a few forms of cosmetic dentistry and they are all aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a patient’s smile. To learn more about these cosmetic procedures being used in Vicksburg, Ms, read below:

Teeth Whitening

Many at home teeth whitening methods have emerged in recent years. However, when it comes to teeth whitening if a professional long-lasting result is what you seek then it would be best if you reached out to our dental office to have your teeth professionally whitened for quality results.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are another option that individuals commonly use to make their teeth look whiter. They are great for dental patients who are unhappy with chips, cracks, or stains on their teeth. The thin sheets of porcelain the veneers are made of are stain resistant creating a brighter smile for the patient.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent option for replacing missing teeth. When left untreated the areas in the mouth with missing teeth can give way to infections and disease. A dental implant not only helps to decrease such chances, but also works to provide the look, feel, and functionality of a natural tooth.

Schedule Your Consultation

Schedule your consultation in Vicksburg, MS If you are interested in having a cosmetic procedure done. Doing so will be very beneficial and will help you achieve the smile the smile you will always be proud to show off.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day By Getting Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Whiter Teeth
Valentine’s Day is a day of love and smiles so why not invest in professional teeth whitening to ensure that you can show off your best smile to the one you love. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic dentistry there are treatments available that can provide you with whiter and brighter teeth. This Valentine’s Day enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile and whiten your smile.

Find The Whitening Treatment That’s Right for You
When it comes to whitening your teeth there are plenty of treatment options available to you. These treatment options include at home whitening kits. While these whitening kits can be effective, they don’t provide you with the same quality of results that you would receive if you were to receive professional teeth whitening. To learn more about the benefits of receiving your whitening procedure in the office it would be beneficial if you review the benefits listed below:

  • Stubborn stains from tobacco, wine, coffee or other foods and drinks can be removed
  • We fix any discolorations to your teeth left by antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals
  • The appearance of all your teeth that are dull or discolored can be majorly improved
  • Our procedures are safe and offer less irritation compared to at-home whitening kits

Schedule A Consultation
If you are unhappy with the whiteness of your teeth and can identify with the benefits of getting professional teeth whitening reach out to our office to schedule your teeth whitening treatment.


The different types of Teeth Whitening

Dr. Nash and the expert dental team of Nash Family Dentistry in Vicksburg, MS understand the value of first impressions, we know that they matter in all aspects of your life and your smile are no different. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with the smile you have in every way possible. Over time teeth can become discolored from food, drinks, and the average wear and tear. Normally this will hinder the most confident person from showing off their smile. Luckily, obtaining that shiny movie star like a smile is just a phone call away.  

At Nash Family Dentistry, Dr. Nash offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments to give you a brighter and whiter smile. Gone are the days where you stop yourself from enjoying a good laugh with family and loved ones or keeping yourself from taking selfies because you’re worried about your smile. 

Convenient Options Make It Easy for You

Teeth whitening is a fairly simple and easy process to understand even if you were doing it on your own. With take-home whitening kits, aligner trays are custom designed for your mouth, the trays are accompanied with a bleaching agent that aids in the whitening process. The bleaching agent should be deposited into the trays and used over a period of time to whiten teeth. 

Our in-house whitening treatments, however, tend to provide additional benefits. As the best method of bleaching teeth, in-house procedures deliver the quickest results and more often than not stops the damage caused to your teeth and gums that come from bleaching trays. In those treatments are also great for removing stains on your teeth from smoking and food.

Certain studies have shown that about 96 percent of people in America believe that appealing to other adults requires an engaging smile. 74 percent of these people feel that the success of a person’s career may be greatly reduced if they have an unattractive face and smile. Whitening your teeth won’t only give you the confidence boost you need, but can also help make your personal and professional relationships more effectively.

Safe Ways to Whiten Teeth 

While there are choices for over-the-counter whitening treatments, the healthiest and most reliable way to whiten your teeth is under the guidance of a specialist like our dental experts. If you want to start the path towards a brighter smile, please contact us at or Vicksburg, MS location, to schedule an appointment with our dentist.