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Soft Tissue Recontouring

What Is Soft Tissue Recontouring?

Soft tissue recontouring refers to a procedure that reshapes the gum tissue around the teeth to produce a more natural and aesthetic smile. For many patients with uneven or gummy smiles, we can utilize the Diode dental laser to perform soft tissue recontouring in Vicksburg, MS, that is quick, virtually painless, and produces little-to-no swelling or bleeding. Soft tissue recontouring creates highly aesthetic results by reshaping the gum tissue to create more symmetry and provide a more proportional teeth-to-gum ratio.

Laser Treatment for Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles can be a result of many factors, including orthodontics, hormonal changes, and from certain medications. This can cause the gums to grow over the teeth, leading to an uneven gum line and teeth that appear smaller in size. Our laser soft tissue recontouring in Vicksburg, MS, reverses this effect by removing excess gum tissue and balancing the gum line with the teeth. During this conservative procedure, we even out the gums by letting the dental laser gently remove unnecessary gum tissue without the need for numbing agents or scalpels. The dental laser also cauterizes the area, minimizing bleeding and jumpstarting healing, so that you can return to normal activities almost immediately after your soft tissue recontouring procedure.

About Soft Tissue Recontouring
Patient smiling after laser soft tissue recontouring - Vicksburg, MS

The Benefits of Laser Soft Tissue Recontouring

Laser soft tissue recontouring is non-invasive and a highly effective procedure we can complete in a short amount of time and in the comfort of our office. Many of our patients are thrilled with the dramatic transformation of soft tissue recontouring and report experiencing little-to-no discomfort during or after the procedure. One of the biggest benefits for patients is the elimination of the scalpel used traditionally for soft tissue recontouring procedures.

  • Scalpel and incision-free
  • Painless and non-invasive
  • Quick, safe, and effective
  • Healthy, fast recovery
  • Harmonious, aesthetic results

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