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Laser Technology Can Save Failing Dental Implants

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Failing Dental Implants

When Are Dental Implants at Risk?

Dental implants are considered the “gold standard” in tooth replacement, but there are times when certain complications can risk their permanency. The most common cause of an ailing or failing dental implant in Vicksburg, MS, is tartar buildup around the implant that releases harmful bacteria, irritating and infecting the implant below the gum line. Similar in nature to the progression of gum disease, this infection, called peri-implantitis, can harm the surrounding hard and soft tissues and eventually result in a failing dental implant. We treat peri-implantitis with laser surgery, which returns the gums, bone, and dental implant to a healthy, functioning state without the need for scalpels, incision, or sutures.

Save a Failing Dental Implant with Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for a failing dental implant caused by peri-implantitis is often effective enough at preserving the restoration to eliminate the need for more extensive procedures. During the procedure, we insert the dental laser below the gumline, targeting and eliminating bacteria and tartar buildup around the dental implant. Laser therapy does not harm healthy tissue or bone during treatment and is actually used to generate the growth of new gum and bone tissue around the dental implant. Similar to laser gum disease therapy, treating a failing dental implant with dental lasers is highly safe and effective, much more comfortable for patients, and helps encourage better and healthier healing at the treatment site.

Saving A Failing Dental Implant

Benefits of Laser Therapy for a Failing Dental Implant

  • Lengthen the lifespan of the dental implant
  • Remove bacteria and infection
  • Restore health to the gums and bone
  • Prevent infection from spreading

A Gentle Approach Focused on Your Comfort

Dr. Kenneth Nash is a member of the World Clinical Laser Institute and experienced in utilizing laser dentistry to improve patient experiences, comfort, and recovery. With a gentle approach and a focus on your comfort, he is able to treat your failing dental implant and restore health to your smile.

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