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Treat Gum Disease with Scalpel-Free Laser Dentistry

Dr. Kenneth Nash on Dental Laser Benefits

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The Alternative to Cut-and-Sew Osseous Surgery

Gum disease begins with irritated, bleeding gums and without proper treatment can progress until invading bacteria have destroyed healthy gum tissue and bone. Gum disease treatment aims to eradicate the plaque and tartar buildup causing the infection, ideally before any harm comes to the gums, bone, and teeth. We offer multiple forms of gum disease treatment, including traditional osseous surgery. Many of our patients, however, turn to a more minimally invasive and comfortable alternative to gum disease treatment with laser dentistry. Give our office a call today if you have gum disease in Vicksburg, MS!

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Gum Disease Treatment with Laser Dentistry

We use the BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus® and Epic dental lasers for many dental procedures, and especially for minimally-invasive gum disease treatment. These hand-held tools emit a powerful, yet painless, laser energy and targeted water spray (WaterLase laser) that eradicates tartar on the tooth surface. With laser dentistry, we can treat gum disease with greater precision and less harm to the surrounding healthy gum and bone tissue. Dental lasers also allow us to provide gum disease treatment for multiple areas of the mouth in fewer appointments, and is so gentle, most patients can return to normal activities the day after treatment.

Benefits of Laser Gum Disease Treatment

  • Scalpel-free and incision-free
  • Minimally invasive
  • Virtually painless
  • Promotes rapid healing
  • Minimal downtime
  • Precise and effective

Training in Advanced Gum Disease Treatment

Dr. Kenneth Nash has received advanced laser periodontal training from leaders in laser dentistry and is part of the World Clinical Laser Institute. With laser dentistry, we are able to provide dental services that are kinder, gentler, and more efficient in gum disease treatment for results that are comparable or exceed those of traditional treatment. If you have gum disease in Vicksburg, MS, solutions in laser dentistry give you comfortable and safe alternatives to treating your condition.

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