ClearCorrect Braces: Everything You Need To Know About This Discreet Orthodontic Option Vicksburg, MS

ClearCorrect Braces: Everything You Need To Know About This Discreet Orthodontic Option


Improving your smile is always a worthwhile endeavor, no matter what treatment method you choose. However, when it comes to straightening your teeth, some treatments may work better for you than others. While traditional orthodontics have a long history of success, they may not be the ideal solution for you if you would rather straighten your teeth discreetly. Fortunately, there is a treatment option available that can align your teeth in an inconspicuous and reliable manner. Here’s what you should know about ClearCorrect braces.

It’s Possible to Straighten Your Teeth Discreetly

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional braces, we’d love to discuss ClearCorrect orthodontics with you.  Drs. Kenneth and Jonathan Nash offer this low-profile treatment option at our Nash Family Dentistry practice. As the name suggests, ClearCorrect braces are practically invisible, so you won’t need to worry about others noticing your orthodontic appliances. The aligners are made from a durable plastic material and are custom-designed to fit tightly over your teeth. Every two weeks, your aligners will be switched out with a new, tighter set. Over time, the aligners will pull your teeth into place and correct common problems like crooked teeth, tooth gaps and misalignments in your bite.

Additional Benefits of the ClearCorrect System

In addition to their low-profile appearance, ClearCorrect aligners are also removable. While it’s important to wear them for a minimum of 20 hours each day as directed by your dentist, you can take them out to brush, floss and eat. You can even take them out occasionally for special events, but make sure you wear them as frequently as possible for best results.

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We’d love to discuss the benefits of ClearCorrect orthodontics with you in detail. To schedule a consultation with Drs. Nash and find out if you’re a good candidate for the discreet treatment option, contact Nash Family Dentistry during regular business hours.