What You Need To Know Before Getting Dental Veneers Or Lumineers Vicksburg, MS

What You Need To Know Before Getting Dental Veneers Or Lumineers



Getting a new smile that is bright and straight can certainly be a dream come true for those currently dealing with discolored, misshapen, or crooked teeth. Well, fortunately, those dreams can certainly come true with veneers and Lumineers in Vicksburg, MS.

Getting veneers and Lumineers are great smile enhancing options patients can choose from to improve the look of their smile. Continue reading to learn more about how veneers and Lumineers can improve imperfect smiles!

What Dental Veneers And Lumineers Are

Lumineers are a type of veneer that requires less preparation and dental work to be placed on a patient’s teeth. Veneers are a type of dental cosmetic material that can restore a patient’s smile should there be any misaligned, misshaped, discolored, or crooked teeth. Lumineers are made from thinner materials than veneers and are a great alternative for those looking for a lighter, more translucent feel and look.


While both veneers and Lumineers in Vicksburg, MS can give patients a new and improved natural looking smile, there are a few additional differences and variations in material and results. The main differences between veneers and Lumineers are:


  • Made from a thicker material, such as porcelain
  • Tooth enamel needs to be grinded or shaved down so the veneer fits
  • Are typically offered universally as a restorative option
  • More cost-effective


  • Made from thin laminate, so they are thinner than porcelain veneers
  • Requires less preparation time (no adjustment to the natural tooth)
  • Are not offered by all dental professionals

Whether patients get veneers or Lumineers, both options are custom made to fit every patient’s unique smile. Once the customized veneers or Lumineers are made, patients can have it bonded to their teeth.

While both veneers and Lumineers are two great options that give patients a beautiful new smile they can be confident in in a relatively short amount of time, it is important for patients to pick the best option for their individual needs and smile.

Patients can go to their trusted doctor to get detailed information on the process of getting these restorative options, their preparation, and provide them with the necessary knowledge to ensure that they get long lasting results.

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